Winter Aerial Photography Gstaad by Nick Wallace


Join Nick Wallace on a thrilling photographic expedition to Gstaad, located at an altitude of between 1,000 and 3,000+ metres. Embark on an unforgettable journey with our professional photographic safari team to the picturesque landscapes of Gstaad, Switzerland. Gstaad, known as the “Diamond of the Alps,” is a true gem for nature and photography enthusiasts alike. Yet despite its style and class, Gstaad has remained genuinely Alpine and down-to-earth. It is proud of its tradition and lives and breathes it every day.

Our carefully crafted safari promises a unique blend of breathtaking scenery, wildlife encounters, and expert photography guidance, ensuring you capture the beauty of this Alpine paradise like never before. At night we will photograph local chefs in their own kitchen. Practicing the art of proper lighting and indoor photography while enjoying the feast the chef prepares. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore in helicopters, hot air balloons, paragliders, along with flying drones, the enchanting landscapes of Gstaad, Switzerland, and capture moments that will last a lifetime and be published in one of our future editions. (Gstaad Through the eyes of the Falcon)

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