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jp9, c, v, cq, k1, g, 7, Eye Candy Safari |
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Photo Safaris dedicated
to the world's most
inspiring wildlife.


Photo Safaris dedicated to the world’s most thrilling aerial photography.


Photo Safaris dedicated to the world’s most majestic landscapes.


Photo Safaris dedicated
to the world's most exciting
night photography


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Welcome to Eye Candy Safari

Join the Eye Candy Safari international school of photography, a unique and exclusive experience that will build your outdoor photography skills. Learn the art of image capture from different perspectives: land (hiking, extreme sports), sky (drone or helicopter), and water (snorkel, scuba, kayak, etc.).

Our themed trips take you to exotic locations around the globe, specially selected to provide memorable once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Journey through natural landscapes and observe the flora, fauna, archeology, and geology of the world.

Our instructors are top professionals with vast experience who will teach you the intricacies of photographing the natural world in daytime and at night and help you fine-tune your image processing and editing skills. Join us on our next adventure!
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