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Eye Candy Safari is an international school of photography that teaches the art of image capture from different perspectives; the sky (drone or helicopter), ground (hiking, extreme sports), and water (snorkel, scuba, kayak, etc.). We journey through natural landscapes and observe the flora, fauna, archaeology and geology of the world.
Our instructors are top professionals with vast experience who will teach you the intricacies of photographing the natural world in daytime and at night and help you fine-tune your image processing and editing skills. Join us on our next adventure!


We are a professional photographic safari company
specializing in exceptional wildlife, cultural, and landscape photographic tours
to some of the earth’s wildest and most scenic destinations, passionately
designed for you by our skilled photographers.

Photo Safaris dedicated to the world‘s most exciting aerial photography

Photo Safaris dedicated to the world‘s most exotic wildlife

Photo Safaris dedicated to the world's most unique culture

Photo Safaris dedicated to the world's most beautiful landscapes

Photo Safaris dedicated to the world´s most exciting night photography

Photo Safaris dedicated to the world's most adventurous locations for heli skiing
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