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Nick Wallace

Photo Tour Leader


Nick Wallace

Nick Wallace is a British photographer based in Switzerland whose career has taken him to more than one hundred countries around the world over the past ten years.

Two weeks after finishing college, at age 18, he moved to Switzerland, splitting his time over the next six years between the mountain resort of Gstaad and London. For a change of pace, he next moved to New Zealand to hone his skills in a new form of photography: the extreme sport of canyoneering in Queenstown.

While there, he perceived a new business opportunity in the explosive growth of smartphones: now that everyone has a camera with them at all times, people are taking pictures more pictures than ever before. Why not teach them how to make the best images possible? He founded the Nick Wallace School of Photography in New Zealand and later brought the established course back to Europe.

 Once again wanting to expand his skill set, Nick made a drastic change of career by leaving the world of extreme sports for the world of luxury cruise ships. While sailing around the world he offered his course to teach photography at sea.

Sailing the seven seas sparked Nick’s passion for travel, so when he was finished cruising, he headed out again, this time with only a backpack and camera. He travelled extensively in Asia and Central and South America. His most recent trip took him 25,000 km across Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo, on public transportation. While on these trips, he documented his travels in writing and photos, creating a unique body of work that reflects his passions for travel and image making.

Joining Eye Candy is a perfect partnership for Nick. Eye Candy offers the best tours to some of the world’s most exciting and picturesque locations. These excursions bring together photographers from all over the globe to learn and share their skills and experiences.

“For me, photography is the ability to travel and explore the far corners of the world, to capture the unique moments that happen every day. To share those moments and places for all to see.”

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