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yn, 5n, 5l, f, zma, qju, n8, s03, r, l3, m8, l7, s5, Luz Prado Celedon - Team | Eye Candy Safari
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Luz Prado



Luz Prado

Luz is passionate about flora and fauna, her interest in photography began when she decided to record the birds of Chile and the native trees of the southern forests. She studied tourism and later specialized in Environmental Project Planning. Now she is part of the Eye Candy Safari Team, looking for the best places in the world to do photo safaris of landscapes, wildlife, geology, unique cultures, aerial photography, astrophotography, among others.

Luz cares about making the perfect experience and being able to go beyond the expectations of travelers, trying to fulfill people’s dreams.

“The opportunity to know the origin of a place, from its natural habitat such as flora, fauna, geology, archeology, culture and landscapes. To be able to capture the magic and its history through photography”

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