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Javiera Valech



Javiera Valech

Javiera is a psychologist by profession and believes that each person is interesting and amazing in their own unique way.  She is passionate about discovering new cultures and understanding the different ways in which people live and experience their surroundings. In Eye Candy, she oversees our photo Galleries and chooses the locations where we display the images captured by our talented photographers.  Javiera’s other important role is to serve as our public relations manager and build partnerships with foundations and organizations in the various countries where we’ve forged an alliance.  In addition, she also organizes events, book launches, and other philanthropic activities that tie in with our mission.  

Javiera is committed to each expedition and to all the details that will make each traveler’s experience  memorable.   

“For me the human experience is what matters most. Meeting people from all over the world and experiencing how they live is  such a fundamental part of what we do. This is an important aspect of what we offer to those lucky few who are able to travel and discover the world with us”.

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