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avy, vr, t, 4y1, 0, 6y, p, a, 2q, 2, 48, 05z, 6p, 8g, bds, Testimonial Fernando Muñoz | Eye Candy Safari
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aerial photography


Fernando Muñoz, Santiago, Chile

"A one-of-a-kind experience. I had never seen a sloth or a porcupine, it was incredible to have the opportunity to take pictures of the animals from so close and with perfect angles for their portrait, without a doubt the coordination that was achieved for it was phenomenal.

Panama City like you could never have imagined, from skyscrapers to helicopter photographs, simply amazing. Not only did I enjoy the experience of flying, but also accompanied by a sunset and my camera gave the best feeling when photographing. Flying in Gamboa was incredible, the jungle postcards from the air are memorable. The experience provided by Eye Candy Safari is simply perfect to enjoy nature, the comforts that the place offers and learn by taking photographs like I have never done before."
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