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Event October 2020: Book launch “Gamboa, The Eyes of the Sloth”

Event October 2020: Book launch “Gamboa, The Eyes of the Sloth”

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Book Launch Event, Panama City and Gamboa Panama October 18-20 2020

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The book launch is a photographic exhibition of the new book “Gamboa, The Eyes of the Sloth”
All viewers will be able to enjoy nature’s beauty captured at Gamboa Rainforest Reserve. You can see images of flora, wildlife, landscapes, and more. Also, the book is about the conservation of endangered sloths and other species that live in the rainforest.
The book also tells the story of the Panamerican Conservation Association (APPC) who is Panama’s leader in wildlife rescue, focusing on sloths in particular. The APPC rescues and cares for sick, injured and orphaned animals, providing long-term care to those who need it. Through education, they promote environmental awareness and the importance of the community’s role in protecting wildlife.


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