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Benoit Thumerelle


Drone Pilot and Photographer

Benoit Thumerelle

Benoit was born in Paris, and lived in this beautiful and historically rich city for twenty years. As a young boy, he accompanied his father, who was a photographer, on his photography missions in search of the perfect lighting and angle, which cultivated his passion for this artform.  Once grown, Benoit worked in various areas such as information technology, restoration, and sailing expeditions in France and other countries.  After many years of trying out different fields, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and focus on photography. All his previous experiences helped him acquire the diverse skills he now applies to image capture.  For the past ten years, he has perfected his artistry and incorporated the use of drones to broaden the realm of photographic perspectives.  This was a great challenge for him given that France was the first country to establish laws that allow the flight of these devices with well-defined security norms and boundaries.  In 2011, he became one of the first pioneers to be recognized in drone navigation and even took it a step further by creating and building his own drones. These interesting experiences allowed Benoit to visit, explore, and learn about different countries and their culture. In fact, he also acquired new languages after having the opportunity to spend time with an eclectic group of people.  For Benoit, flying drones is almost second nature.  He believes that it is the right combination between technical maneuvering and a professional eye for photography. 

Geneva has been Benoit´s home for the past ten years, after he visited Switzerland on one of his expeditions and fell in love with the country.  The blend between what the city has to offer along with its stunning geographical location offers him the possibilities to explore his surroundings and innovate  with new techniques. However, his thirst for travel is always lurking, and he hopes to embark on a new adventure and discover new lands where he can free his drones and capture all the wonders our world has to offer.


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